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Worked around Manny Marroquin and Jaycen Joshua who have mixed
Justin Bieber, Kayne, A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign, etc.

Specialize in: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop.

Credits - G-Eazy (9.6m), Caleb Hearn (1.4m), Marty Grimes (85.4k)
Jillian Rossi (67.1k) Abstract (20.3k)

You want the world to hear your song.
But it needs mixed & mastered...
You need someone you can trust to get it done right.

Spend your time advancing your career and maintaining your momentum.
I'll take care of the mix & master.

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That's it. You send the files, I mix & master them, you tell me any changes you'd like, and you're done.
Your song is ready for the world and your fans to hear.
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If You Don’t Have A Better Sounding Mix After Working With Me, I Will Personally Refund 100% Of Your Money.Here's the deal... best case, you get the mix of your dreams and hit your long term goal, worst case, you tell me I suck, I give you your money back, and you get a free mix. The only thing guaranteed not to help you is leaving this page and turning down this offer.

Are you against upgrading your sound
for yourself and your fans?

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